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Bruce County Playhouse returns with some wonderful productions that will fill you with cheer and tickle your funny bone!


Come Join Us...

Join us this summer for our 2023 Season!!!
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Sexy Laundry – June 22nd to July 8th:

Armed with a copy of “Sex for Dummies,” Alice and Henry check themselves into a trendy spa hotel with a mission: to jump-start their 25-year marriage. Time has taken its toll – so have kids, stress and gravity. In desperation, Alice has decided that they either make this final, major effort to save their marriage, or they get a divorce and go their separate ways. Alice and Henry share their fantasies, exchange recriminations, and take turns confessing the details of their mid-life crises as the play flips from comedic to serious and back again. Henry and Alice’s touching and hilarious rediscovery of themselves and their inspiring efforts to restore their marriage will resonate with audiences of all ages. By turns poignant and laugh-out-loud funny, Sexy Laundry is a romantic comedy guaranteed to strike a deep and resounding chord.


Thurs, June 22nd at 8pm - Opening Night Gala!

Fri, June 23rd at 8pm        Sat, June 24th at 8pm        Sun, June 25th at 2pm

Tues, June 27th at 8pm

Wed, June 28th at 8pm

Thurs, June 29th at 2pm

Thurs, June 29th at 8pm

Fri, June 30th at 8pm 

Sat, July 1st at 8pm       

Sun, July 2nd at 2pm

Tues, July 4th at 8pm

Wed, July 5th at 8pm

Thurs, July 6th at 2pm

Thurs, July 6th at 8pm

Fri, July 7th at 8pm

Sat, July 8th at 8pm 

DuffleBag Theatre Presents:

The “nearly world-famous”™ DuffleBag Theatre has been performing since 1992 starting at the London International Children’s Festival, in London, Ontario, Canada. Now based in Toronto, DuffleBag performs over 600 shows a year, across Canada, the U.S., and internationally. 


Beauty and the Beast - Tuesday, July 11th at 6:30

Robin Hood - Wednesday, July 12th at 6:30

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I’ll Be Back Before Midnight – July 20th to August 5th:

A spine-chilling mixture of suspense and shocks, with just the right amount of comedy. Jan is a young wife recovering from a nervous disorder.  She and her husband rent a remote cabin from an odd farmer who delights in telling gruesome ghost stories.  Then the husband's strange sister arrives, and all manner of frightening events occur.  What happens to fragile Jan as bodies appear and disappear give this classic thriller its tremendously frightening impact.  Now performed in 31 countries and a major motion picture!


Thurs, July 20th at 8pm

Fri, July 21st at 8pm       

Sat, July 22nd at 8pm       

Sun, July 23rd at 2pm

Tues, July 25th at 8pm

Wed, July 26th at 8pm

Thurs, July 27th at 2pm

Thurs, July 27th at 8pm

Fri, July 28th at 8pm

Sat, July 29th at 8pm       

Sun, July 30th at 2pm

Tues, Aug 1st at 8pm

Wed, Aug 2nd at 8pm

Thurs, Aug 3rd at 2pm

Thurs, Aug 3rd at 8pm

Fri, Aug 4th at 8pm

Sat, Aug 5th at 8pm 

Coming back by popular demand!

Flight of The Ballooncaster:The Hottest Air – August 9th to August 19th:

When his fellow Boothsman mysteriously vanishes, revered sports broadcaster Paul Michaels is the prime suspect. In this madcap balloon-based musical, Second City veterans and celebrated commercial actors Hyland & Thompson ask: how much hot air can one show blow?


Wed, Aug 9th at 8pm

Thurs, Aug 10th at 2pm

Thurs, Aug 10th at 8pm

Fri, Aug 11th at 8pm

Sat, Aug 12th at 8pm

Sun, Aug 13th at 2pm

Tues, Aug 15th at 8pm

Wed, Aug 16th at 8pm

Thurs, Aug 17th at 2pm

Thurs, Aug 17th at 8pm

Fri, Aug 18th at 8pm

Sat, Aug 19th at 8pm

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