Spring is in the air and preparations for our 2020 Summer Season has begun. We are very excited to announce our Season this year. Look below for details. Season number six promises to not disappoint! Three wonderful comedies, one of which is a hilarious Musical, and a family series full of laughs. See you in the Theatre! 


Our Summer Season is ready to GO!!!!!

 2020 Summer Season Announced!!!

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Friday June 26- Opening Night Gala! - 8PM


Saturday June 27th-          8PM

Sunday June 28th-            2PM

Tuesday June 30th-           8PM

Wednesday July 1st-         8PM

Thursday July 2nd-            2PM & 8PM

Friday July 3rd-                 8PM

Saturday July 4th-             8PM

Sunday July 5th-               8PM

Tuesday July 7th-              8PM

Wednesday July 8th-        8PM

Thursday July 9th-            2PM & 8PM

Friday July 10th-              8PM

Saturday July 11th- Closing Night - 8PM

Show Dates:

Real Estate By: Allana Harkin
Enter Emma - an incredibly determined realtor - who decides that Joel is as much of a "fixer-upper" as the house he lives in. With the addition of Joel's soon-to-be ex-wife looking to get divorce papers signed with her "man-purse" toting beauty entrepreneur boyfriend, Emma focuses all her considerable energy into developing the curb appeal of the house - as well as its inhabitant. The comedy is sure, the characters well drawn and the circumstances? Hilarious.

Family Series:

DuffleBag Theatre: July 14th & 16th:
The Nearly-World-Famous DuffleBag Theatre will be returning once again this summer for two performances of their hysterical renditions of classic fairy tales and stories! Who will be the star of the show this time?
Bob Cates- Comedy in Motion: July 15th:
Join us this summer as Bob Cates delivers his award-winning Comedy in Motion show. He'll keep the whole family laughing with his comedy routines involving advanced juggling, wild unicycling and balancing skills and magic. It's entertainment at its best!
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Bingo Ladies quick poster cropped.jpg

Thursday July 23rd- Opening Night - 8PM

Friday July 24th-               8PM

Saturday July 25th-           8PM

Sunday July 26th-             2PM

Tuesday July 28th-            8PM

Wednesday July 29th-      8PM

Thursday July 30th-          2PM & 8PM

Friday July 31st-               8PM

Saturday August 1st-        8PM

Sunday August 2nd-         2PM

Tuesday August 4th-         8PM

Wednesday August 5th-   8PM

Thursday August 6th-       2PM & 8PM

Friday August 7th-            8PM

Saturday August 8th- Closing Night - 8PM

Show Dates:

BINGO Ladies By: Grant Tilly
Lucky charms, big dreams and a troll named Thor. It's Friday night at the bingo hall and the gloves are off! Carol needs to pay off her debts. Sandi's hot for Lou, the rock 'n roll Bingo caller. And then there's Irene, the cranky old know-it-all, oxygen tank in tow who always wins. When Carol steals Irene's lucky spot, it sets off a course of events that none of them could have predicted. A hilarious musical about friendship, gambling and just how far we'll go for the big win.
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Show Dates:

Saturday August 15th - Opening Night - 8PM

Sunday August 16th-        2PM

Tuesday August 18th-       8PM

Wednesday August 19th- 8PM

Thursday August 20th-     2PM & 8PM

Friday August 21st-          8PM

Saturday August 22nd-     8PM

Sunday August 23rd-        2PM

Tuesday August 25th-       8PM

Wednesday August 26th- 8PM

Thursday August 27th-     2PM & 8PM

Friday August 28th-          8PM

Saturday August 29th- Closing Night - 8PM

On A First Name Basis By: Norm Foster
Norm Foster's comedy On A First Name Basis tells the story of a very successful, but cantankerous, novelist who discovers that he knows nothing about his maid of 28 years. She, on the other hand, knows absolutely everything about him! He makes it his mission to learn all he can about her in a most entertaining conversation. With revelations that are surprising, funny and poignant, this is a love story, a social commentary and a mystery wrapped in witty dialogue and vivid imagery.

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